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If you can't Skate, you can't Play


How important is it to be able to skate technically correct?

Many hockey players continue along in their careers and do not think about improving their skating abilities. When you watch a team what player or players usually stand out? The players that can skate!!!!

For most of us that takes a lot of work and dedication, but in the long run it will make your game a lot easier and a lot more fun to play. When you work on skating drills such as forward pumps or one- foot edges these drills will improve your balance and power at the same time hence helping you get to where you need to go in your games.

The number one skating technique that you want to work on that will improve speed, balance, cardiovascular and agility is 'GLIDES'. To be able to increase your glide speed, will increase your speed in your game.

If you are a skater that seems to have quick feet but is not going anywhere your problem is that you are not gliding. Use your quick feet to push into the long gliding strides.

If you are a skater that has wide strides (meaning that you do not bring the feet back into each other in between the strides) you lose your glide to the sides instead of pushing back to get the forward motion of the strides.

If you are a skater that tends to lean forward, you are defeating the purpose of the glide and your body will fight your legs to get down the ice first.

Remember: "Always lead down the ice with your knees bent over the toes and DO NOT lean the body forward".

One last point that goes without saying is 'KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!"

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